Meet Abbie!

I’m Abbie Widin, Ph.D. Nice to e-meet you!

I help consultants, coaches and other experts with strategies for landing corporate clients.

I help them by:

  • Sharing strategies for how and where to find their highest value clients
  • How to have conversations that land contracts
  • Identifying their true market value, and often taking their fees higher
  • How to make the best use of their limited time when marketing themselves
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What Clients Say

Deborah Hunter

I have a physiotherapy business that I wanted to consolidate and grow, and also wanted to launch a new part of the business in a highly competitive space. I had the ideas but not the knowledge and processes to make these ideas real. Abbie has been a great inspiration and mentor, working consistently with me to test and launch these new services as well as growing the existing business. Over the past year I have worked with Abbie, my physiotherapy business has grown rapidly by over 50 %, and I have launched this new business with the capacity to serve other businesses across Australia.

Deborah Hunter, Rusden St Physiotherapy and Workhealth Australia

Arabella Macpherson

I came to Abbie because I had excellent results as a coach, but knew I had weaknesses in business development. She persistently encouraged me to confront those weaknesses until they were no longer an issue in a supportive, but firm way. She has completely changed the way I run my operations and I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone who seeks to grow as quickly as possible and see real results due to satisfying change. I am so grateful for her dedication to my success.

Arabella Macpherson

Lindi Glass

I was keen to get my business up and running, and certain of my ability to deliver exceptional business results. But I lacked specific industry focus, was seeking to support start-up business (wrong niche) and was only actively working with one small client. I was unsure of how to grow my business, I was stressed and uncertain of the most effective business development strategies to deliver the growth I wanted.

Following my first VIP day, I immediately crystallised my niche providing the personal ‘x-factor’ to propel me forward. Secondly, I was able to share my new niche with my network, enabling me to attract attention amongst the business’s I wanted to work with. Thirdly, I am now actively working with larger businesses. I know I provide significant client value. This is enabling me to derive strong revenue for my business.

I am thrilled that I am at this point in a very short period (ie three months). I am exceeding my business revenue goals by 30%. However, I am mindful that I need to continue to consolidate my business growth and position, and I am now working directly with Abbie to ensure my business continues on its strong growth trajectory.

Lindi Glass, Sharper Marketing

Monika Goertz

Although I have been running a relatively successful solo business for many years, working with Abbie helped me realise that there is lot more I could do to grow and develop my business. I found Abbie’s program content and delivery sound, practical and very useful. It was also very evident to me that Abbie genuinely cares and wants her clients to be successful. I would recommend Abbie to any business woman who wants to ramp up her business to the next level.

Monika Goertz


When I came to work with Abbie, I was overwhelmed and feeling out of control, wondering if I actually bitten off more than I could handle. I wasn’t feeling financially healthy & was having difficulty prioritising the things I needed to do to grow my business. Abbie started work on my mindset, and by holding up a mirror to where I was sabotaging myself, helped me to realise that I hadn’t quite made the shift from employee to entrepreneur and wasn’t putting enough value on myself or my services. Abbie was not only supportive, enabling me to feel personally empowered and full of possibility for my business, as well as very valuable tips and detailed guidance on how to put things into practice.

Michele Peppler

Bronwyn Pearson

I was very busy being busy and needed help to see the wood from the trees.  I needed a solid strategy to go after retainer clients – which has worked really well – so that my business income could become more stable and to a larger degree, predictable.  This then gives me the confidence to employ staff as I have a foundation to the business revenue rather than relying totally on project based work. Before we worked together, I felt frustrated and didn’t feel that I could put my head up from the ‘doing’.

Since working with Abbie, I’ve had clearer direction, strategies for handling difficult clients, strategies for closing the deal, listening to and evaluating my instincts, to name a few.  Business revenue has increased substantially also. I’m very happy and confident about the future!

Abbie keeps asking the right questions and challenging me when my head goes down and I get stuck in the ‘busyness’ of everything has been invaluable.  Without the benefit of a skilled Board, Abbie is my one-woman brains trust and without this I’d be paddling furiously, probably in the same spot and without the ability to see and scope the bigger picture and vision.

Bronwyn Pearson, Pinnacle People Solutions

Jenny Smith

From my very first contact with Abbie I knew straight away that I would be working with her. We subsequently spent time together looking at way I could improve my cash flow. In one day long session, we achieved more in that time than I had done in weeks on my own.
Abbie is a true professional and gets the job done, she is also warm and understanding and manage to bring out all the ideas I had and give them form. I like to think of our work together this way, ‘she gave me the kick start I needed to open my wings and fly’.

Jenny Smith

Sholto Macpherson

I made the big decision to leave a full-time job and start my own business with no commercial experience or know-how. The first couple of years were very rough as I made all the classic mistakes of first-time entrepreneurs.  Abbie not only schooled me in sales and marketing, she showed me the person I needed to become to succeed. She was also instrumental in spotting the most viable business model in an industry upended by digital disruption.

If I hadn’t met Abbie I would have returned to life as an employee and missed out on the incredibly satisfying experience of building your own business. Instead I am now generating nearly double my original goals and have the confidence to take it a lot further. If you have dreams of running your own company I highly recommend taking on Abbie as your wing(wo)man.

Sholto Macpherson, Digital First


I began working with Abbie from One Extra Zero earlier this year.  At this stage I was probably working my business as a hobby with some strategic vision.  I had my first session with Abbie and came away with clarity and direction, a map of how to get there and the motivation to achieve this.  I found this whole process enabled me to have a refreshed view on my business and how I would like it to be. Abbie made the process very easy, she asked the “right” questions and never lost sight of what my goals were.  In the first 30 days of working with Abbie, my business revenues increased 100%, partly because I had the confidence to raise my rates +33%, but mostly because I knew how to find new business.

Melissa Behrend


I’ve had my web design business for 15 years, and the past 5years, it’s been growing by 10% each year. Pretty good and positive, right? I wanted to get serious about growth again, so I was looking for 20% growth this year. Abbie challenged me to take time out to work on the business, and on top of taking the time out to do the submission for a business award, I’m still on track to grow by 50% this month! I’m going to maintain that growth next month and beyond, even with moving house and taking 4 weeks off at Christmas. I can see I’m easily going to hit my stretch target for the year. Abbie helped me spend more time figuring out how to stop ME being the blockage in the work flow.

Fiona Larkings


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