One Extra Zero

I’m on a feminist crusade to help women make more money, and use this to strengthen their own power and place in the world.

With One Extra Zero, I work with ambitious women to help them with practical strategies to help them shift their value upwards. There are few glass ceilings and no sticky floors here. Just a belief that money is an attractive source of power, and you should have more of it.

Attracting Better Clients

I never advocate rubbing the belly of a fat bronze Buddha and hoping that better clients turn up. Hope is not a strategy. I want to help you cut through your internal circular dialogue to identify your most valuable or ideal clients and orient yourself to serve them. You may need to increase your sense of self-worth and shift your offerings up a level, but these are simple to do.

Shifting Your Fees Higher

This might be as simple as helping a woman increase her hourly fees without drowning in guilt, or navigating a complex positioning exercise with exquisitely packaged offerings designed to sell on value (with no mention of the hours worked at all). This is the easiest and often fastest way to increase your income.

Expanding The Well of Opportunity

Once you have a business up and running with clients who appreciate your value and pay you well for your work, you want to find a way to deepen the well of opportunity so that it never runs dry again. You want your ideal clients to have a reason to buy from you again and again. This might be a retainer, a subscription or judicious questioning to build needs and drive repeat purchase. Whatever it is, it is to be done with grace and ease. You just need to listen for and create opportunities.