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How To Feel Confident Making a Sales Offer

Confident Sales OffersHave you ever been to lunch with a potential client, and during the conversation, your lunch partner, Chris, mentions that he wants to talk with you about doing some work together soon?

Your ears prick up because you’ve been hoping that there would be a solid project coming out of this firm for you.

But Chris keeps talking and the conversation moves on, and you don’t want to be rude and selfish and interrupt, but at the same time, you don’t want to lose the opportunity. So you make a note to come back to it at the end of the conversation. But then Chris gets called away early by a call, and leaves, bowing his head with excuses and blowing an air kiss in your direction…

Do you telephone and leave a voice message? Chris is just so busy and never seems to pick up his calls. Or perhaps you should email, but then, that seems rather impersonal, and anyway, what would you write that wouldn’t sound needy and greedy?

You want to follow up and now you don’t know how. Maybe you should have interrupted back when he first mentioned it. And now you don’t have another contract. And the opportunity is gone for at least a month, if it ever comes back.

How do other consultants, professional services providers and other experts get to nail down the big opportunities so easily, whilst you watch them flitter past?

They seem to manage to make offers, AND have them accepted. Which seems un-real, because the world seems so random and chaotic?

It’s wrenching.

But it’s not your fault if you’ve never been taught how to be commercially savvy in a way that makes you look professional.

If You Don’t Figure Out How To Make Sales Offers

If you don’t learn how to be commercially savvy and make genuine offers to help, then you’ll always be on the back foot.

You won’t help your own business grow, and you’ll keep your income smaller than it needs to be.  Which in turn will keep you small.

You won’t get to help the people you know need help.

And you won’t feel that you are contributing effectively and being rewarded in the process.

Here’s What You Need To Know
  1. Be Willing To Lead. If you’re talking with a prospective client, and they mention they have a problem, you will need to take leadership on helping them to solve it.
  2. Consider Everyone A Client. It’s important to feel a duty of care towards all the people who would make ideal clients. You need to feel that this person would be advantaged by allowing you to help them. This doesn’t mean you work for free, nor does it mean to send them an invoice before they’ve agreed to work together. But it does mean that you care about them finding a solution to their problem and help them commit to solving it.
  3. Help Your Client Prioritise Solving This Problem. This means that you need to be able to focus their attention back on the problem. If the conversation drifts off, you need to remember your duty of care and re-focus their attention on getting this solved.
  4. Help Your Client Scope Out The Problem. Because we don’t like looking at our own problems, and we are compulsively busy, we often haven’t dimensionalised our problems as well as we should. It means that we haven’t examined the potential negative aspects that might happen if we don’t get the problem solved, which in turn means that we have less urgency than we should about getting help. This is all the information that needs to go in a proposal anyway.
  5. Be Brave And Recommend. If you can help solve their problem, be up front and brave, and let your client know that you have a solution that you can recommend. (Obviously, if your solution won’t help, don’t recommend it!). You have to make an explicit offer to help; there are very few people who know how to buy without your assistance.

In short, if your conversation partner mentions they have a problem, it is definitely not rude to help them solve it. You need to ask the right questions, and if you can help, make an offer.

They won’t think you rude, or needy and greedy, they will be grateful that you know how to help them move forward.

Make a sales offer today.

All my best,
Abbie x


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