Meet Abbie

I’m Abbie Widin, Ph.D. Nice to e-meet you!


I help consultants, coaches and other experts with strategies for landing corporate clients.

I help them by:

  • Sharing strategies for how and where to find their highest value clients
  • How to have conversations that land contracts
  • Identifying their true market value, and often taking their fees higher
  • How to make the best use of their limited time when marketing themselves

I love seeing people who are selling their intellectual property and ideas get paid what they’re worth. When they can transform their ideas into something tangible that creates great value for their clients, they can and should be well rewarded.

I’m on a mission to stop consultants, coaches and other experts under-charging and over-delivering.

When I hear my clients come up with some reason why they can’t claim their expert status (although they’ve been doing it for years), or they can’t charge higher fees (although nobody objects to their current pricing), or that they should outsource their sales (although no-one will represent their business better than they will), I’m likely to challenge them and coach them to a better outcome and a bigger business.

In my experience, it’s a combination of mindset and business building skills that create a successful consultancy, coaching business or expert agency.

I came out of a big corporate background (almost 15 glorious years), managing 9-figure businesses across multiple countries and spending 8-figure marketing and research budgets. I had an executive coach. I hired consultants at various times and in various countries to determine market launch strategy, design strategy and implementation, brand architecture, sales training and team development. And more.

I got to see first hand which consultants, coaches and experts get hired, and which ones don’t.

I got to see what “expert presence” has to look like for consultants, coaches and other experts to even get in the door.

Once I started my own business, One Extra Zero, I naturally attracted clients with service-based businesses who work with corporate clients. I know what these corporates and companies value, and I know what consultants, coaches and experts need to do to deliver it.

I’m also director of another private company with a 7-figure revenue selling to larger companies, so I’ve seen the other side of what it takes to win solid business.

I’m passionate about seeing experts grow into the person that they always wanted to be. To be in charge of their own business, living their purpose with reward and being able to build a solid nest egg for themselves and those they care most about.


Outside of work, I’ve got a great partner Melinda and 3 wonderful kids. I probably drink a bit too much coffee, and I’ve just started running (slow jog style). We’re happiest when we’re in art galleries, having picnics or visiting our local Japanese restaurant. We love travelling both in Australia and overseas.

As well as a car licence, I’ve also got a motorbike licence, but I’ve promised not to use it again until my last child turns 18 years old! I love downhill skiing. I want to get my yacht licence soon, and I’ll continue to indulge my other passion, cash flow positive property investment.


I’d love to see how we can work together to achieve your goals.

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