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Why You Need To Sense Check Your Business Goals and Strategies

Sensecheck_Business_GoalsHave you ever noticed that it’s really easy to make a plan on paper that is more optimistic than you would have believed?

I am completely guilty of it.

I find that my plans are straightforward to the point of simplicity, BUT, whether optimistic, ambitious or wishful, these plans do not always deliver the result I expected!

To be clear, I’m super proud of what I’ve achieved, but it’s not always exactly what I intended when I set out.

So, I want to share what I’ve learned about sense-checking your business plan to deliver a specific goal, and then what happens on the way.


  1. It’s easy to under-estimate just how much effort is involved

All of my plans look fairly linear, and at the beginning, none accommodated the ebb and flow nature of cycles. And definitely, none had any slack built in.

There’s effort in maintaining energy levels and just doing the work. It’s like forgetting that life happens on the way. You’ll get sick for a week or your child will. Forget about school holidays. You’ll have a setback, which might take you out for a couple of hours or a couple of weeks.

  1. It’s simple to forget that you have to become and remain a new person

The person you are today is a result of yesterday’s habits. You might be in the habit of reaching out to past clients on a daily or weekly basis, and that will get you a particular business result. But if you don’t do that marketing activity today and you want that result, you need to become the type of person who does do it.

Willpower will help you for a week or so, but willpower just doesn’t last. You’ll slip back into old habits, and you’ll find that you drop this new activity as your willpower wanes.

Shifting your identity is an integral part of any good business plan.

  1. You’re still deciding on your marketing strategies

You might not have absolutely decided on your marketing strategies. Perhaps you know that you’re going to use a couple of predictable marketing approaches, you know, where you execute a strategy and a predictable number of leads come in.

But if you don’t have these locked in, then you won’t be able to predict you

But you also want to experiment with a new strategy. Who knows, you might find a strategy that lies between art and science that gives you an outstanding result?

  1. You don’t know whether your current skillset will deliver the clients you need

Once you’re clear on your marketing strategies, how strong are you on having the conversations that will land clients?

Let’s say you want to get another two high value clients. You might think that these two clients will come as a result from having four excellent conversations.

But what happens if you actually need to have eight conversations?

This can completely shift the results of your plan if you haven’t factored that in.

  1. Your business model isn’t yet predictable

Finally, if you’ve been in business for less than a year or two, it’s impossible to know from your own perspective what will work best for your offering, price point and positioning. You need someone with experience to be a sounding board – it’s the only way to know if you’re on track.


What I have found useful is having someone sense-check my business plan, goals, skillset and strategies. Having someone talk through my strategies in a non-judgemental and experienced fashion gave me the confidence to know whether my plans were realistic or completely pie-in-the-sky.

As we’re coming to the end of the half year, this is an excellent time to sense-check your strategy for the remainder of 2016. I’m opening up just a few spots over the next week or so to help you assess if your current plans are strong enough.

So, if you’re wondering if your strategies are strong enough to meet your goals over the next 6 months, go ahead and click the yellow button below, enter your name and email and apply for a complimentary strategy session.

I’ll send you some questions, and if your application is successful, we’ll set a time to talk.


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Good luck with your application!


All my best,

Abbie x

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