Work Together

Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to find out more about working together with you too.

I do my best work with consultants, coaches and other experts who are looking to build their business by landing more corporate clients.

We Start With A Strategy Session

We start with a 1hr Strategy Session by telephone. Prior to the call, I send you some questions so that I can understand your business, your opportunities and challenges better.

By the end of our call together, you will:

  • Get clear on whether your current business model will deliver the revenue and income you desire
  • Get clear on the areas where you need to tighten your offer or the way that you market yourself
  • Get clear on whether there are opportunities to take your fees up

If you know you’d like a Strategy Session,  click the link below to enter your Name and Email, and I’ll get back to you with some questions to get your application going!

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If you’d like to understand how we can work together in more detail, please read on!

I work with private clients in one of two ways.

1. VIP Day

If you need a Business Model that will help you make a great income, a Marketing Plan that gets you in front of your ideal clients, or to want to have a Step by Step Guide to Conversations That Sell, then spending the day together will get you on the right track.

Investment Level: Available On Application

Jenny SmithFrom my very first contact with Abbie I knew straight away that I would be working with her. We subsequently spent time together looking at way I could improve my cash flow. In one day long session, we achieved more in that time than I had done in weeks on my own.
Abbie is a true professional and gets the job done, she is also warm and understanding and manage to bring out all the ideas I had and give them form. I like to think of our work together this way, ‘she gave me the kick start I needed to open my wings and fly’.

Jenny Smith, Divorced Women’s Club | Soul.TV Expert | Separation and Divorce Coach | Transformation Coach | Speaker |

2. Longer Term Business Coaching and Consulting (6-12months)

If you’re great at what you do, and want leadership strategies and on-going support with the business-building aspect, then you’ll love this option.

We still start with a VIP Day to create your plan together. And then we work together to make sure that you bring that plan to life and create the business growth that you want.

This high-end coaching and consulting program is designed to help you get what you want out of your business, and ultimately have your business serve your life.

Investment Level: Available on Application

Bronwyn PearsonI now feel financially secure and confident in the growth of the business in just its first year and the trajectory that is now shaping up as inevitable.  I am excited, confident and equipped to take a leadership role for the business and for my clients.  I would not have made this transition from business creation to strident business success without the support and expertise of a phenomenal business coach. I cannot recommend Abbie Widin highly enough for her support, skills, knowledge, guidance and insight into the challenges and opportunities for women in business. 

Bronwyn Pearson, Bronwyn Pearson Consulting

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Arabella MacphersonI came to Abbie because I had excellent results as a coach, but knew I had weaknesses in business development. She persistently encouraged me to confront those weaknesses until they were no longer an issue in a supportive, but firm way. She has completely changed the way I run my operations and I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone who seeks to grow as quickly as possible and see real results due to satisfying change. I am so grateful for her dedication to my success.

Arabella Macpherson, Resonate Communications Coaching

Monika GoertzAlthough I have been running a relatively successful solo business for many years, working with Abbie helped me realise that there is lot more I could do to grow and develop my business. I found Abbie’s program content and delivery sound, practical and very useful. It was also very evident to me that Abbie genuinely cares and wants her clients to be successful. I would recommend Abbie to any business woman who wants to ramp up her business to the next level.

Monika Goertz, Inovision facilitation, development, coaching