About Abbie Grace & One Extra Zero

About Me

My name is Abbie Grace.

I don’t live on a beach in Thailand.

I don’t do Insta-friendly glamour shots of my breakfast.

I don’t run multiple 8-figure businesses with one hand tied behind my back.

What I am is a fierce feminist who believes women should have more money. I’m also a bit of a nerd. I went to Sydney University, edited the student newspaper and finished with a PhD in Physiology. I worked in Fortune 50 companies in sales and marketing, both in Australia and overseas as an expat. I left my last employment as a Regional Brand Director managing several global brands across Asia Pacific for a household name multinational.

Since accepting a redundancy on maternity leave (that old chestnut), I’ve helped hundreds of women package their services, land more clients, and charge what they’re worth.


About One Extra Zero

Through my business, One Extra Zero, I’ve helped some women start businesses and grow to over six-figures in a year. I’ve helped others go from making tens of thousands of dollars a year to making multiple six-figures a year. And some who were at six-figures are now making seven-figures, profitably.

And yes, oh yes, I also know balancing business and family life. I live in Sydney with a wife, two teen daughters and a younger son.

With One Extra Zero, I work with ambitious women to help them with practical strategies to help them shift their value upwards. There are few glass ceilings and no sticky floors here. Just a belief that money is an attractive source of power, and you can make more and better choices when you have more of it.

You Might Be Able To Choose Better Clients

I never advocate rubbing the belly of a fat bronze Buddha and hoping that better clients turn up. Hope is not a strategy. I want to help you cut through your internal circular messy dialogue to identify your most valuable or ideal clients and orient yourself to serve them. You may need to shift your offerings up a level to meet their expectations.

You Might Be Able To Shift Your Fees Higher

This might be as simple as helping a you increase your hourly fees without drowning in fear or guilt, or navigating a complex positioning exercise with exquisitely packaged offerings designed to sell on value (with no mention of the hours worked at all). This is the easiest and often fastest way to increase your income.

You Might Even Expand The Well of Opportunity

Once you have a business up and running with clients who appreciate your value and pay you well for your work, you want to find a way to deepen the well of opportunity so that it never runs dry again. You want your ideal clients to have a reason to buy from you again and again. This might be a retainer, a subscription or judicious questioning to build needs and drive repeat purchase. Whatever it is, it is to be done with grace and ease. You just need to listen for and create opportunities.

Why I Do What I Do

When I left my corporate role, after managing multi-regional nine-figure businesses for some of the world’s largest consumer goods companies in sales and marketing roles, I had no idea how to translate what I could do into a passable income. And this was even with a PhD.

I knew that I didn’t want another corporate gig, I did want flexibility, and if I could, I would love to find a way to align myself with my values. My redundancy on maternity leave bought me a little time, so I set out to rediscover my values.

After some soul-searching, my suppressed feminism started to express itself again, and I realized that I could bring my business background in sales, marketing and research to a growing number of women who wanted to figure out how to sell their services (and products) and grow their businesses.

And so One Extra Zero was launched in 2013.

It wasn’t all beer and skittles, but I learnt how to have a conversation to understand what a prospective client wanted or needed and how to make an offer. I learnt how to market myself through writing a book and speaking, and even to use networking and referrals as a reliable source of new business.

I also practice what I preach. I also have a consulting business which provides high level strategy in value proposition, service offer design and sales process, as well as sales skills development and reinforcement for large organisations (and SMEs on occasion).

I’d love to help you grow your business too. Check out the Resources page to get started.

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