Welcome! I’ve laid out the articles here that are most likely to help you on your journey. I’ve grouped these in sections as much as possible, so that can go deep on the areas you need the most help with.


The most common question I get is “How do I decide what to charge as a consultant or coach?” I’ve written a long-form guide here to help you think through this.

For women who are just starting out, they have to think through their fees. The question here is “How much more should I charge as a consultant versus an employee?”  You might be surprised that the third / third / third model doesn’t often work for women in business for themselves.

Once you’ve been going for a while, you might want to think about “How to raise my fees with existing clients”. You might panic slightly because you think you have to look your client in the eye and say that your prices have changed without actually changing what you do for them. It’s not the case.

You might be asked by a prospective client if you will provide a discount. This is tricky because you don’t want to say no, and risk losing a client. BUT, I’ve seen women offer a discount before they’re even asked. This article “Should I offer a discount?” gives three rules that have helped my clients feel that their value is maintained under every circumstance.

At some stage, it’s inevitable that you’ll be asked do some work for free. It will be good and noble work, and the person asking will explain just how much it will assist in your long term prospects and grow your business. Before I proclaim this as complete balderdash, I suggest you read this article Should I ever work for free? that outlines the two circumstances where it does make sense to work for free, as well as outline the majority of reasons why it doesn’t.