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My name is Abbie Grace.

I don’t live on a beach in Thailand.

I don’t do Insta-friendly glamour shots of my breakfast.

I don’t run multiple 8-figure businesses with one hand tied behind my back.

What I am is a fierce feminist who believes women should have more money. I’m also a bit of a nerd. I went to Sydney University, edited the student newspaper and finished with a PhD in Physiology. I worked in Fortune 50 companies in sales and marketing, both in Australia and overseas as an expat. I left my last employment as a Regional Brand Director managing several global brands across Asia Pacific for a household name multinational.

Since accepting a redundancy on maternity leave (that old chestnut), I’ve helped hundreds of women package their services, land more clients, and charge what they’re worth.

Through my business, One Extra Zero, I’ve helped some women start businesses and grow to over six-figures in a year. I’ve helped others go from making tens of thousands of dollars a year to making multiple six-figures a year. And some who were at six-figures are now making seven-figures, profitably.

And yes, oh yes, I also know balancing business and family life. I live in Sydney with a wife, two teen daughters and a younger son.