Private VIP Strategic Retreat

The full day Private Strategic Retreat is ideal for women who are looking to increase their income from their business, and who would like to work together to develop a clear action plan.

This work is often focused around refining your niche, developing (and pricing!) packages for your offering and developing detailed strategies for growth. We may even look to improve your relationship with money. However, a custom agenda will always be designed for our time together based on your goals.

We’ll meet in Sydney (or a mutually agreed location), review your pre-work and move into your goals and ambitions, before working elbow-to-elbow on the finer details of your business.

This strategic retreat allows you to ramp up your income fast, providing clarity about what to do and which clients to do it with, and move forward with confidence and a greater sense of self-worth and value.

If you think you could benefit from an day-long session where we focus 1-1 on refining your ideal client group, crafting your offering, and taking you to the next level professionally, contact me with questions or to sign up. I look forward to helping drive your success.

Platinum Coaching Program

The  Platinum Coaching Program is for women who are ready to take their business to the next level. It provides strategic guidance and hands-on action plan to dramatically accelerate your progress.

The Six Month Program includes:

A full day Strategic Retreat in Sydney (or a mutually agreed location), where we will develop a custom targeted action plan for you based on your goals. This could involve launching a new business, developing a new offering or market channel, or achieving your growth goals.

Additionally: Every two weeks for six months, we’ll have a scheduled hour long telephone call. You’ll have action tasks to complete, and be held accountable for making progress on the way. On each call, I’ll challenge your thinking and ask you to step up to play a bigger game. We’ll also discuss questions or issues as they come up, and course-correct your personal action plan to help drive and embed your success.

You’ll receive strategic guidance, accelerated skill development, encouragement, and accountability.

You may find the six-month Platinum Coaching engagement useful if achieving a particular business outcome is important to you, and you suspect that you may lose focus. The structured approach, with us working closely together,  keeps you on track and moving forward towards your defined goals.


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